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Our Story


  •  Recognizing the struggles that students come up against while trying to pursue professional careers, the founder, Lois Riddle, wanted to create a strong support network for underrepresented students that readily identified with the obstacles students face when pursuing a professional field, entrepreneurship, and medical careers. The most important factor the students identified with at graduation is that they remembered the mentors and the key role the speakers made. The student’s recollection of being shown how valuable they are set the stepping stones in helping them remember to reach for and stick to their goals to complete them for graduation.  
  • The statistics for this population are daunting. In 2009, approximately 424,000 children were in the child welfare system nationwide. African-American and Hispanic children represented 50% of all children in foster care. In North Carolina, reportedly 600 youths aged out of foster care in 2010 and 293 of those youths were African-American, a higher percentage than the national average. In Mecklenburg County, the most populous county in North Carolina and the home of Project Generation Hope Inc., the number of youths exiting foster care and the child welfare system has increased over the past 10 years of which the percent distribution of African-American youth has consistently been 76% or higher during that time.  



The statistics for this population are daunting. In 2009, approximately 424,000 children were in the


  • Project Hope Generation Inc.’s mission is to partner with Foster Care Agencies and communities to develop the future of our youth. The core values of PHG Inc. are that we believe all children deserve an affordable safe place to live and we believe that it takes a whole village to raise a child. In addition, we believe that all children can succeed. Our vision is to create a generation of global leaders by establishing a hierarchy of family, school and professional partners to develop career goals with each young adult phasing out of the Foster Care System. 

Rise Up Opportunity Program


  •  At Project  Hope Generation Inc., we work  to  partner with agencies for a secure housing environment for  young adults. Provide  the possibilities that come from continued supported networks  for education, encouragement, guidance, financial assistance and security.
  • Participants have the opportunity to obtain  professional internship experiences in various hospitals and corporate private practices, learn from mentors , interact with professionals. Project Hope Generation Inc  will forge connections with youth and leaders in the healthcare and business settings.
  • Project Generation Hope Inc will sustain by leveraging its core strengths, innovation, relationships and resources, and a reputation for social and civic responsibility.
  • Project Generation Hope Inc. has developed a ground-breaking program: Rise Up Opportunities . Embraced by the community, its partners and its youth, we are fully committed to easing the transition for youth aged out of foster care and supporting their unique needs and challenges as they rise from the stereotypes and labels placed upon them and enter a new generation of hope for their future. 
  • Goals of the program:
  • Unlike other foster care initiatives, Project Generation Hope Inc. offers a holistic strategy that addresses the needs of the students prior to emancipation and exit of the foster care system.
  • The comprehensive program enlists the support of state and community-based partnered organizations with a focus on funding, easing the transition from foster care to independent tax payers. Students  will continue with  their supportive surrogate family  and networks  throughout  the community for success during high school  while propelling young minds of students so they may lead successful, productive lives in their communities. Goals of the Rise Up Opportunity  program include:
  • · Providing a mentor program for youth phasing out of foster care
  • · Increasing opportunities and options for independent living beyond the foster care system
  • · Increasing completion rates of post-secondary education by this unique grouping.
  • · Increasing networking opportunities in the community
  • · Influencing policies related to this population.

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