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Frequently Asked Questions
What does a profile include?

A profile has two sections. Every mentor had to fill out a thorough questionnaire in “We asked.” They were also asked to fill out what “A Day in the life of…” is like a job in hour-by-hour detail.

What is a “mentor” on your site?

Our mentors are the professionals who fill out the various career profiles that you can read, which make up the majority of our site. They typically spend between 30 and 60 minutes completing our questionnaire and generally do so as a way of “giving back”. Whether their take is positive or negative – our hope is that their honest, unfiltered opinions and career reviews help you to get a better understanding of what its really like to work in a given profession day-in and day-out.

How do you recruit mentors?

We began with contacting family, friends and co-workers in a variety of fields in the beginning of 2007. In some cases we may compensate our mentors with cash, gift cards or specialty coffee cards once their profile has been verified as complete. In other cases the mentors volunteer and are not compensated. In every case though, as our compensation is budget-constrained, the main focus of the mentor is an attitude of giving back and helping young professionals. We are proud that we have thousands of profiles of mentors from all walks of life in hundreds of different professions. We’ve have to shut off registration a number of times because so many people want to participate!

How do you screen mentors?

We carefully screen each profile with an acceptance rate in the range of 60-70%. We do not accept profiles that do not meet our criteria. Specific criteria can change over time, so please contact us if you would like more information about our screening process or acceptance/review process.

Students please click on each Job to review background of each professional Mentor

Career Job Profiles

How do I become a mentor?

For all information regarding becoming a mentor please go to!

Some of the profiles I have viewed are incomplete, how come?

In general we post profiles that are at least 50% complete. Either their questionnaire has to be completely filled out or the first section of the questionnaire and their entire “A day in the life of” section.