Project Hope Generation Inc. | Our History
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Our History

Lois Riddle – Founder

Lois started The Project Hope Generation Inc. back in 2009 and it’s her time and effort that built our initial educational and career plan. A free and virtual career profile database of careers got the program recognized on the internet. You can read her background and all why this program was started in our about page. Lois’s interests include real estate, business, counseling, youth and family program development and all things of business and family social. In addition to her involvement in Project Hope Generation Inc., she also has served as a volunteer Board member for Christian prayer club and Girls Inc.

Our History – How We Started

Our Founder, Lois Riddle, shares her story:

I interned as a Counselor at Salvation Army Barnabas Center in Syracuse, New York. While in colleges I was in school for my degree in social work. I worked with students on a variety of issues of getting college degree or career exploring was one of many of my sessions. Many of my students didn’t know what professions they wanted and the students that did know didn’t know what it took to get there. They were unaware of what was available to them and that many positions were in reach.

For income while I was in school I decided to get a job as a property manager and rented apartments in Syracuse NY. It was probably the most difficult and most rewarding job I have ever had but it is still an experience I value. I ended up meeting all different types of people who all had hundreds of jobs I had never heard of before. I would always ask them.. so you are a manufacturing accountant… a development assistant…a research analyst…a QA software developer… what does that actually mean? What do you do all day? Do you like it?

Once I left real estate, I had time to reflect upon my experiences in the workforce relocated to North Carolina. And began working in program welfare to work project and with High School and College students. I identified with the obstacles students face when pursuing a profession or business and medical careers. I didn’t want this to be a financial waste cycle as it was for me. My aim is for students to know what people in the workforce needed to get what they need to be to make not so difficult right. What if there was a resource that could actually tell someone “this is what I do all day. And what education you need to get there. Then Project Hope Generation Inc. was born.

Okay, now go and explore real life careers on your drop down button..

This site was designed with the pure intention of letting people of all ages 15-28 for many jobs they could think of. This becomes even more relevant today with the lack of job security and how many people are having not only one career but on average 2 or sometimes 3 different career shifts in a lifetime. I hope you get all you need from this site and please provide your feedback in our blog enough about us, and go read about the education and careers that interest you!