Project Hope Generation Inc. | About Project Hope Generation
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About Project Hope Generation

Who We Are

Project Hope Generation Inc. is a secondary educational program an incorporation that has thrived on bringing career awareness and insight to the students in our schools. Recognizing the struggles that students come up against while trying to pursue careers as professionals. The founder wanted to create a strong support network for underrepresented students by readily identify with the obstacles students face when pursuing a profession or entrepreneurship and medical careers.


Mission / Vision

Project Hope Generation Inc.’s mission is to partner with parents and communities to develop the future of our youth. Our vision is to create a generation of global leaders by establishing a hierarchy of family, school and professional partners to develop career goals with each student.

Our Goal

Our goal is to Increase the number of academic faculty in Business, Medical Doctors, Phlebotomists, Nurses, Physician Assistant, Psychologist, Forensic Science, Sociology and Social Work through mentor-ship of junior faculty and young healthcare professionals.

Opportunities For Students

Project Hope Generation Inc. participants have the opportunity to obtain professional and internship experiences in various hospitals and corporate private practices, shadow mentors in professional settings, interact with staff, and forge connections with leaders in the healthcare and business to careers.

Support our students by providing solutions for economic disparities that exist within communities.

Why We Do It

The founder discovered due to our broken primitive circadian family dynamics and educational functions has become incapable of compensating the characteristic of our new student societies in its complexity today. Secondly what was once our nuclear family dynamics 20 years ago has rapidly changed unnoticeable to society. 58% of our students that are in elementary and high schools are from unparented foster homes, foster grand parenting.

Most Impressive Accomplishment

In the past four years Project Hope Generation Inc. has invested over 15,000 volunteer hours. The founder has identifying the two major psychosomatic struggles our students endure in obtaining an education and career field. As a result, a high percentage of our student graduation rate has increased by 78%. local volunteers such as colleges, medical doctors, nurses and entrepreneurs, and other professional backgrounds to converse and mentor the students year round.